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here are four randome deviations i like.. hope's ye like it! ^_^



Kiribans! :D
Welp... It's for free. for once. and THOSE who post the kiriban gets a free 3 month core membership/1200 points from me! :D
the condition! a screenshot of you capturing the kiriban! :meow:

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I didn't created much deviations.. but here are some.. enjoy! :aww:

My avatars archives.

Hai! :wave:
Here you will see all the avatars I had and ordered. INCLUDING the avatar I have right now.
•Done by Sopheirion:

Art status!

Hi! :D
In this section you will see your art's condition. how advanced it is done. THANK YOU for peeking in here!
Stevoie-Pili, Kristy: Doing. (75%)
Candy-Meow, Candy: Doing. (25%)
None currently! ;v;



heya. XD
Sun Jun 4, 2017, 8:48 PM
HOi! :D
Mon May 29, 2017, 6:37 AM
65 watchers!? O_O wow!!!
Sat Mar 11, 2017, 10:14 AM
Woohoo!!!! So excited! >w<
Sun Jan 15, 2017, 12:14 AM


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Any point is welcome guys! ^o^ I want to buy and sell with dA :points: ^^

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Random Stuff

Just Recently I started watching Fūka, So amazing Anime!!!!
And started request commissions! I just need to replace my PC in a new one. And maybe. JUST MAYBE I'll be a great artist like you guys! ;v;
P.s.- be soft on me when I start... .~.




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Upcoming Kiriban at 25,000!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Height: 1.74m/5'9"
Weight: 76 Kg/170lb
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Hi! I'm an artist from Israel. I love Anime quite a bunch and I am a guy. My real name is Liran Zikry. but I prefered to use "real name" thing to mention when will be the next Kiriban.
RIGHT NOW I am working on two of 15 extravaganza tickets. what is an extravaganza? it means that out of my lovely watchers. yes! YOU PEOPLE! who daily watch my stuff and rants! :D may win a free art piece from me!
I also made a closed species race called the Angelium. I may make more though.
too busy at work and collage. so I will work slow. ;_;
Anyhow. I hope you will enjoy my pretty awesome gallery!
Cya~! :wave:
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Thank you for peeking in my humble page uwu



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Name: Eilana Goldleaf/Cohen
Age: 19 (RL)/146 (FN)
Birthday: 4th Jan
Zodiac: Capricornus.
Fantasy: Kleisenty, Elven empire, Renaiya.
Real Life: Qiriat Tivon, Israel.

Appearance and Physique:
Height: 1.68m/5'6"
Weight: 61.1 KG/ 134.6 lb
Eyes: Olive leaf green eyes. there's a light green highlights in the bottom sometimes. showing an illusion of light green eyes.
Hair: wine red hair. her fringe covers all her forehead. forming a bowl like haircut. the hair style is pretty simplistic with her hair when spread going all the way down to a little below her butt. when tidied in an elven fashion: her hair is organised in a side-pulled fringe to the right. with her long hair organised in braids and spread hair simultaneously. creating a fantasy style hairstyle. 
Build: Semi vuloptuous/Athlete. for an assassin. she has quite a curvaceous body. well shaped breasts and slender thighs. she is extremely fast for someone in her build. resulting in astounding attacks. and amazing evasion. due to the fact she's an elf. she has pointy ears. with a small dangle carrying the royal crest.
Skin tone: light skin, silky elven.
Hand use: Ambidextrous. (from birth)
Fantasy: Royal Crescent earring.
Modern: Clavicle piercing. standard earrings. 
Fantasy: nothing at all. 
Modern: top back tattoo of a winged tiger.

Element: Air
Moral Compass: Neutral lawful
Temperament: Melancholic/Sanguine
Brief description: the common sense, and the one with the most connections. the high priestess of the elven empire officially. but would prefer to be an assassin.
pretty sarcastic to protect her tender personality. once you get to know the real her. you'll find a straight-to-the-point person. with cheerful and interesting personality. she is kind hearted by nature, due to her birth as the beacon high priestess. but learnt to hide her emotions. 
Fantasy: Monotheism, elven goddess Illyfue.
Modern: Jewish.
Main: High priestess
Sub: Assassin
Modern: Soldier in the IDF.
Fear: Nothing in particular~ ^^;
Anime Personality Type (APT): Ojousama

Modern only Questions.
Q1: Android or iOS:
A1: "IPHONE all the way! I currently own the iPhone 7 plus and just WAIT untill the iPhone X is out! no apple means I don't exist!" she has starry shine in her green eyes.
Q2: Fav type of music?
A2: "Hm? Nothing in particular. I love all types of songs except Mizrahit. (midterranian music.) "
Q3: Any Brothers and Sisters? 
A3: "Unfortunately no. I am a single daughter. T///T"
Q4: Are you an otaku?
A4: "I wouldn't consider myself otaku if you'll ask me. but I AM a huge fan of anime. yes. ^^;"
Q5: Do you know how to draw?
A5: "Eh.... Comme-si comme-sa. I know how to draw. but not really talented. :/"

RPG Statistics:
Lv. 1 set:
HP: 102/102
SP: 74/74
EXP: 0.0%

STR: 15
END: 13
INT: 12
WIL: 17
DEX: 18
LUK: 10

• Tetanus
• Healing touch
• Evisceration
• Incantation

Chp9 stats:
Lv. 4:
HP: 217/217
SP: 156/156
EXP: 18.2%
(Attributes never increase except for passives and Equipment)


The Archangel
OH GOD thank you!!!! For letting me have this absulutely gorgeous Set! <3333333333333
This is an Archangel that I came up with, her name is Fleurael. I really love her design! The graceful stance she's in, the soft look in her eyes, the hands, and there's even a pair of white toe rings! :love:
It's made using Miracle Nikki's engine, I do not own any of this! (Except the mix and match! x3)


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